Sailent Feature of Om Ayurvedic Hospital

  •  Registration, Consultation, and admission on minimal fees of rupees 10

  •  Indoor facilities with 100 beds in general and special wards.

  •  Well-equipped Panchkarma Centre.

  •  Well equipped major and minor operation theaters are available.

  •  Ksharsutra, Agnikarma and Jalaukavacharan facilities are available.

  •  Physiotherapy facilities are available for IPD and OPD

  •  Free of cost medical checkup, multi diagnostic and specialty camps are arranged.

  •  Yoga and Pranayam facilities are available for patients and healthy persons.

  •  Swarnaprashan immunization is provided on every Pushyanakshatra for boosting the immunity of the children.

  •  Patient’s Feedback is also considered on OPD and IPD level.

Help Desk

  You can visit in our office if you need any help or counselling regarding Admission.

Silent Features